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The Basics


Getting Started with

When you first log in to Users-Edge, you will see a default Favorites Organizer.  With a Favorites Organizer, the Website column is of type Hyperlink, click on the picture of the globe to go to that website.

Here, you can add more of your favorite websites with username and password hints assigned to each one. 

To change an existing entry, simply right click on it and select "Edit".  Or you can double click with the left button.  Within the edit window you can change the information in any of the fields.  In  Favorites Organizer, add or change data to the Addr: field and the Name field with your favorite website information.

Since we've also added a column of type Text named "Username : Password (hint)", you can enter any text information you'd like to associate with the website, such as your username and password hint for this individual favorite.


  How do I get started?
  The layout
  How do I change an existing entry?
  How do I add a new entry?
  How do I delete an entry?
  How do I add more Organizers?


  How do I change the column widths?
  How do I add a column?
  How do I delete a column?
  How do I sort a column?
  How do I rename a column?
  How do I change the order of columns?
  What are the different column types I can choose from?


  How do I create a folder?
  How do I move Organizers into folders?
  How do I delete a folder?


  How do Reminders work?
  What's the difference between Active, Upcoming, and All Reminders?
  How do I create a new reminder?
  How do I edit a reminder?
  How do I dismiss a reminder?
  Can I set the reminders to re-occur?
  How do I send a reminder to an email address?
  Can I send a reminder to multiple email addresses?
  What's included in an email reminder?

User Settings

  How do I change my password?
  How do I change which Organizer I see when I log in?
  How do I change the number of rows I get on one page?
  How do I change the RSS feeds?
  How do I change the color of my portal?
  Can I remove the advertisement and RSS feeds?
  How do I upgrade to the PRO version?
  What do I get with the free version?
  What happens to my data if I decide to not renew my PRO status?


  How do I modify an Organizer?
  How do I rename an Organizer?
  How do I delete an Organizer?
  How do I export my data?
  Can I start with a blank Organizer?
  How do I Share an Organizer?
  What kind of rights can I assign to a shared Organizer?
  What happens if I accidentally delete an Organizer?
  Can I import data into Organizers?


  What is the Users-Edge concept?
  Is my data secure?
  How much does it cost?
  Can I store pictures and files on
  I'm not a U.S. resident, can I still sign up?
  How can I help?
  How do I report a problem?
  How do I submit a testimonial?